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Mexico presents an unprecedented opportunity for foreign companies to take advantage of its valuable resources and significantly reduce their manufacturing costs.

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  • Tamaulipas Hydrocarbon potential
    Tamaulipas Hydrocarbon potential
    There’s two potential actives for hydrocarbon explotation and exploration in this state: Burgos. Tampico Misantla. 63.3% from 52.6 million barrels of oil equivalent  estimated by PEMEX as conventional prospective resources, are located in oil provinces  related to Tamaulipas:  Burgos. Tampico-Misantla. Golfo de México (deep water). These are 3 oil provinces in Tamaulipas where non conventional […]
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  • Argentina and Brazil will have free trade in cars in 2020
    Argentina and Brazil will have free trade in cars in 2020
    Argentina and Brazil will have free trade in cars in 2020 Argentina and Brazil renewed last Friday the current automotive exchange agreement. The rules remain the same: without tariffs, but with limits to the exchange of vehicles. This boundary is marked by a 1,5 flex, it means that Argentina can import 1.5 dollars in brazilian […]
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  • Canadian tar sands
    Canadian tar sands
    Even Canada is one of the biggest energy players, and it’s oil reserves are the third in the world, by 2010 only produce slightly more than 4% of oil at global level. The oil in this country is located in tar sands and it’s extraction requires a operative which , according to experts, it’s highly […]
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