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To consolidate the Nuevo Laredo Customs as the best in Latin America is part of the agreements. Through a partnership agreement the city government, the Customs Administration, carriers and customs brokers reiterated their political will to continue working together to improve the functioning of the World Trade Bridge and maintain it as the most important crossing from Mexico and Latin America.

The ceremony took place at the Municipal Presidency’s meeting room where the document was signed by: Major Ramon Garza Barrios, Carlos Hernando Ramirez Escoto the Nuevo Laredo Customs Administrator, Mariano Gamboa Rodriguez in representation of the Customs Officers Administration, José Alfredo Magallanes Martinez from the Nuevo Laredo Transfers Association and Alfredo Espinoza Elizondo Director of the III Bridge Trust.

In signing the agreement participated as witnesses, Luis Moreno Sesma the Central Freight Services President, and José Guadalupe Bautista Montoya the Foreign Trade Commission at City Hall Chairman.

Mayor Garza Barrios recognized the disposition shown by the new Administrator of Customs, Carlos Hernando Ramirez Escoto, for his attempts to establish the Nuevo Laredo customs not only as the best of the country but in all Latin America.

This is a covenant of good will, cooperation and support to keep the World Trade Bridge in top condition and operating in benefit of all the country. “I am delighted to be here because providing effectiveness to the International Bridge Number Three is to give effectiveness to all companies that directly or indirectly imported or exported through Customs in Nuevo Laredo”, said the Mayor.

The administrator of the Customs stressed the importance of dialogue to strengthen trade in this port of entry. “Always looking for improvement and efficiency in the operation of the Office of Nuevo Laredo is why we sit at the table to give continuity to this agreement to find areas of improvement. That is the daily work we have and there is no better way to carry out that dialogue”, said Ramirez Escoto.

In his speech Alfredo Espinoza Elizondo, director of the Bridge Trust III, spoke of the various actions taken in this important cargo crossing to boost functionality. “We are already well advanced in the access and roads projects, in fact I have here the blueprints where our team has captured all the needs of all groups and individuals involved with the Bridge, and I think this will solve 90% of them”, said Espinoza Elizondo.

Among the points contained within the agreement are:

The Customs is committed and willing to maintain a continuous operation of at least 9 modules for import and 6 for export, 2 for the express lane and 1 for consolidated cargo.
The parties have mutually agreed to provide a dignified and respectful treatment in the course of their work, in order to maximize the productivity of their service.
The Customs undertakes to appoint a person to address and solve any kind of problems that may arise with regard to customs operations.
The parties undertake to improve the existing procedure for all the trucks that are sent to gamma rays.
They also commit the parties to expedite the customs necesary inspection on all import and export operations.
The Customs undertakes to provide all feedback to the Central Computer Management of complaints about the system that controls the vehicle access barriers.
With the only purpose of systematically evaluating the implementation of this agreement, the parties agree to hold meetings in which progress will be discussed.

As part of this agreement, Mayor Ramón Garza Barrios called for a common front to ask the authorities of the neighboring country to accelerate the building of a greater number of booths to give agility to export movements. “I kindly ask to all of you who are players in foreign trade and use the Bridge, to monitor the progress of the American side booths. We worked together, we have made investments in time and form, and we wouldn’t like the culmination of the export houses from Mexico to the United States, delayed, said Garza Barrios. In signing the agreement also attended José Daniel Covarrubias Peña, Director of the Institute for Competitiveness and Foreign Trade.

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