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Altamira: Mexico’s main petrochemical private cluster


According to Carlos Rodríguez Montemayor, API General Director, whit a 2 million dollars investment as result of the energetic law, this port is becoming in the main petrochemical private cluster in Mexico.

With a 3,075 acres extension, has benefits like this:

  • Low cost in load reception, manipulation and dispatch.
  • 30% from total private chemistry and petrochemistry production in the country comes from this area.
  • 100% of synthetic rubber production for national consumption and exportation is made in Altamira.

Offshore enterprises, as Dragados (recently won the PEMEX tender) and Keppel are already working in projects in this port. This last, has implemented a qualified labor force capacitation program, intended for engineers in this area, which is expected to generate 4 thousand employees.

Sources: t21.com / altamira.gob.mx 

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