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SHCP announce new measures for textile industry


Luis Videgaray, Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, make an announcement about the new measures that the government will apply to strengthen the textile industry.

The value of production in this sector reached 4,237 millon dollars this year, a 2.47% growth compared to 2013. The exportations showed a growth of 10.26%, reaching 1,204.7 million dollars. This sector also provides 420,000 directly jobs.

The measures for avoid disloyal competition and custom matter practices are the following:

Establishment of a sectorial register for textile industry and clothing sector importation, as a control measure that will help to identify importers and evaluate risk operations in international commerce.

Anticipate automatic advice for importations of textile and clothing in steel and footwear industry. Would be notice with 5 days anticipation at less.

Continual audit program to operators and importers of sub valuated operations and its clients. Audit and review to the operators that have incurred in disloyal practices before.

Custom tariff in textile and clothing sector will increase to 10 digits, beside of 8.

The tariff for customized products that would be reducing in 2015 will remain in a 25% average until 2018 for the merchandise from countries which don’t have a free commerce agreement with Mexico.

Estimated prices establishment for importation quality in raw material and customized products. The prices were determinate by a model developed from the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, based on the industry expert’s advice.

They also announced three actions for improve the SME’s in the same sector:

  • National Financier establishes of a support program for machine and equipment modernization, as well for innovation and new products develop.
  • BANCOMEXT will further the financial scheme for internationalization of the enterprises in that sector.
  •  Support program through ACERCA for purchasing cotton to Mexican farmers from the textile industry.

These measures will apply until it’s publication in the Official Journal of the Federation.

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