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Mexico-Canada exports increase during last year


According to Statistics Canada, exportations from Mexico growth 29.9% in 2014, in the same period, exportation from Canada to Mexico increase 18.6%

In monetary terms, Mexico-Canada exports made up 1,784 MD in January, whereas in Novemver, 2,282 MD. As for the Canadian exportations, it totaled 483 million 57 Thousand dollars in January, and reached 519 million 712 thousand dollars in November.

The main products send from Mexico to Canada were: machinery, mechanical devices, and accessories related to sound systems. In a second term, minerals, like salt, sulfur and oils. And finally, vegetables, like plants, bulbs and roots.

Respect to Canada-Mexico exportations: machinery and mechanical devices principally, followed to vegetables and metallic parts in a third term.

 Source: Statistics Canada

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