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Monterrey Intermodal Facility


Monterrey Intermodal Port it’s expecting a 50 Million Dollars Investment, coming from Korean and Japanese automotive companies this year. The port administration will invest 12 million dollars for infrastructure development. It’s expected to become the main intermodal port in Latin America, due to it’s strategic location for commerce, logistics and manufacture. It’s Located in the heart of North America, 2 hours from Laredo, Texas, with a consume market of 70 million people, according to Mauricio Garza Kalifa, Monterrey’s Intermodal Port Director.

The custom area could be ready in the third trimester of 2015. This area and the Free Trade Zone will represent an advantage, allowing the free movement of goods from and to any access point in Mexico, and above all, the pre-release of merchandise to USA and Canada, under a pilot program stablished by the US government.

Source: El Economista.

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