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FED Announces raises in interest rates


The United States Federal Reserve raised its interest rate to its highest level since 2008, the second rate increase in three months to stay in a range of between 0.75% and 1%.

Doubt that seeks to clarify the market is the pace that will keep the central bank from future increases.

The Fed mainly follows two indicators to make their decisions: inflation and employment. Why? It has two commands: full employment and consumer price stability.

The economy seems closer to their goals of which had projected the Federal Reserve in December, the last time it issued forecasts, according to Reuters.

The unemployment rate, at 4.7%, below the expected standard long-term, and inflation, at 1.7%, already lies in the range that the central bank was expected to end in 2017.

Now the price of money rises and can charge more strength in the dollar.

Source: CNN, El país and comments of Onilogs’ Finantial Department.


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