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Guanajuato: the most dynamic automotive cluster in Latin America


Guanajuato has become the most dynamic cluster in Latin America, given the favorable conditions for new projects development, among which we can mention: job stability, legal certainty, skilled labor force, infrastructure, connectivity, supply and good business environment.

The automotive industry is recognized as the most consolidated area. Since 2012, has develop more than 156 projects, with 8,000 million dollars investment, generating 59,700 jobs.

Is the only state in the country with 5 investment projects from assembly plants: General Motors Company, Mazda, Honda, Hino Motors and Toyota (construction in progress).

On foreign investment, Japan has become the largest trading partner. Since 2012, the State has received 71 enterprises from that country, generating a 3,482 million dollars investment in order to create 23,400 jobs.

The current administration reports have exceeded the goal raised in foreign investment attraction, which from 2012 until now, has added 10,429 million dollars and create 75,500 jobs through 224 projects.

Source: guanajuato.gob.mx

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