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Archival Storage

Archival Storage


Definition: We store those archives where companies save inherent documents and with no immediate utility

Each Company determines the estimated time for their documents to classify as “Retention Files” according to government requirements such as SHCP or company’s internal processes that may be required; being normally from 3 to 5 years.

Some documents that may be classified as retention files are:

  • Purchasing vouchers
  • Trades
  • Statements
  • Import/Export related documents
  • Tax documentation
  • Relevant general stationery for your company
  • Our archives storage service recognizes our clients special needs, we are flexible and adapt to your company’s requirements.
  • Save money and space by giving ONILOG the opportunity to manage those archives you need to keep or those which by law you cannot destroy.
  • We can provide qualified personnel to manage your important documents.
  • We adjust to your space requirements and management needs.
  • Save time and costs. With just one call you will be able to find those archives you need.
  • Finding your information will be quick and simple with us.
  • No need to designate office’s space for storage.
  • Highest quality standards.
  • Your files are always safe.

Onilog’s Solution: Count on ONILOG as an extension of your company.

Onilog’s Archival Storage Service also provides your company:

  • Storage management
  • Inventory
  • Classification
  • Organization and foliation
  • Digitalization of your information.
  • Storage access when you need it.

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