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Definition: We ensure the compliance of your obligations in terms of Foreign Trade.

Nationwide enterprise providing our clients innovative solutions to meet their Foreign Trade Needs.

Authorized consultants of:

Onilog’s Solution: Consulting

  • Compliance assesment:To audit a representative samples of the Foreign Trade operation of a previous year which may include from 10% up to 30%
  • Staff assessment:To carry out an evaluation of staff skills in terms of Foreign Trade, in order to identify areas of opportunity.
  • Auditable Areas:Attachment 24, Attachment 31, Fixed Assets, Document Archive.
  • Assessment results: A report is submitted indicating our clients the areas of opportunity identified and a work plan with the best strategies to be implemented.

Among our services we can process the following Foreign Trade permits and certifications

  • IMMEX Permits
  • Certification of VAT(Value Added Tax) and IEPS(Special Tax on Products and Services)
  • CTPAT Certification(Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
  • NEEC(New Certified Company Program)/OEA (Autorized Economic Operators Certification
  • Importers Registry
Service Requirement Form

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Project Structure

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  • Utilities


Human Resources

  • NOTES:
    a) List as many positions as your operation would require.
    b) The Job Description or Position Profile should be as extensive as possible. You can send your own job description files as an attachment.
    c) Please be specific on the abilities and basic knowledge that operators or technicians must have.
  • Phase 1

  • Phase 2

  • Phase 3


Traffic & Customs

    Machinery & Equipment

  • NOTE: Add as much information as you have.
  • Parts & Components

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  • Finished Good

  • Freight Shipment

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