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Definition: Receiving product and immediately shipping it out without warehouse or minor storage.

This can be done for several reasons, depending on our clients requests; to sort material intended for different destinations, to combine two (or more) different in bound products into one out bound trailer.

  • Reduces handling and operating costs as well as the storage of inventory.
  • Reduces or eliminates warehousing costs
  • Increased efficiency on transportation capacities.
  • Products reach destinations faster with reduced costs.
  • Increased delivery efficiency.
  • Transportation reduction by freight consolidation resulting on costs savings

Onilog’s Solution: There is a wide variety of cross docking scenarios that are available for your company’s needs.

Onilog’s Cross Docking also provides your company:

  • Fully staffed transshipment and transloading terminal
  • Traffic Management Expertise
  • Document preparation and customs support

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