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Distribution Center

Distribution Center


Definition: Inside of the supply chain emerges the need to achieve a more efficient and dynamic distribution; to assure a quick response capacity to the client in a time of a more specialized demand.

Infrastructure dedicated to storing products, managing issues such as security, maintenance and logistics for receiving and distributing.

We are able to import your products with our maquila permit.

  • Immediate operation Start – Up
  • Operation level according to your specific needs
  • Low Risk on the delivery to your clients
  • Fast response to your customer’s demands
  • Maximization of transportation capabilities
  • Well – Designed and strategically located facilities
  • Constant and reliable information flow
  • Just in Time deliver capabilities
  • Local presence where your current and potential clients are.
  • Avoid start – up costs
  • Tangible savings in transportation and storage costs
  • Better customer service to your clients
  • Local presence in the business community
  • Office and meeting rooms available when needed
  • Avoid dealing with local matters such as:
    • Hiring and supervising personnel
    • Maintenance control
    • Government permits, and so on.
  • Importation of your material without paying domestic tax (IVA)
  • Facility of our IMMEX permit.

Onilog’s Solution: Distribution centers that fit to your company and to your client’s special needs.

Onilog’s Distribution Center program also provides your company:

  • Warehouse management and optimization
  • Real-time inventory control through our system
  • Safe material handling.
  • Picking,labeling, packaging and rework of merchandise.
  • Local, domestic and international transport contracting and supervision.
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year facility surveillance.
  • Unlimited storage capacity according to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Possibility to expand our services through the Northeast of Mexico and the Southeast of USA.
  • Total support to your operations through our Distribution Center service.

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