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Maquila generates more than 30% of the jobs in Nuevo Laredo


The export maquiladora industry in Nuevo Laredo, with a total of 54 plants, generates more than 33% of jobs within the production scheme in our city, said Daniel Covarrubias Peña, director of the Municipal Institute of Competitiveness and Trade (ICCE).

“Currently in Nuevo Laredo, we have 43 foreign and 11 national maquilas with an IMEX permission, giving us a total of 54 companies,” said Covarrubias Peña.

He stressed that the vast majority of maquiladoras are installed in the industrial parks of the city. “We have seen that employment has grown here in the city during these first months of the year; at the end of June we have about 3 thousand 820 new jobs created here in Nuevo Laredo”.

He said these data are collated with the Maquiladora Industry Union, and that about 60% of those new jobs were generated in the manufacturing sector. “So they are a major contributor to the economy here in the city. We have seen that with the expansion they have recently had major companies who have many years here in the city, such as Caterpillar, which opened last February its sixth plant here in Nuevo Laredo with its logistics center; another example is the firm Medline, who just finished what would be its second plant in this border. Also the case of Linamar that has had a significant expansion in the city.”

“These are very loyal companies to Nuevo Laredo, companies that have demonstrated their certainty to invest in here, and have kept their job offer in constant growth,” also said Covarrubias.

Referring to the direct economic benefit, he said that about $ 20 million are paid in salaries by the maquiladoras, as well as the indirect benefits received from suppliers and supplies. “The economic income generated here in the city of Nuevo Laredo is quite considerable, because the workers constantly receive their salary, that allows them to collaborate as well through the purchasing of goods and services” he said.

He also commented that the above refers only to salaries of its workforce, but also has to take into account the spill on account of imports, the use of the public transport for its staff, use of dining rooms, the use some local suppliers which is another major spill. He added that in this way, the maquila is in second place in job creation in Tamaulipas, with around 17% of labor rally, above of Tampico and Matamoros, and second only to Reynosa.


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