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Mexico’s Special Considerations


You need to be prepared. Here are some issues to consider if you are planning on doing business in Mexico:

Staying Power
Two things experts stress repeatedly about Mexico are the need to build relationships and the need to have patience. It’s not a question of meeting once or twice and getting everything done. If you want to do everything yourself, it takes a while to develop relationships.
Local Preferences
American exporters need to be attuned to Mexican market conditions, from fashion trends to advertising messages that translate effectively.

Even mundane topics such as financing can differ.

Language Issues
English is widely spoken in commercial circles in Mexico. Still, it pays to have someone on staff with an intimate knowledge of Mexican Spanish, especially when it comes to negotiating contracts and preparing other documents. You really need someone who has bicultural and bilingual abilities.
Local Expertise
Business practices aren’t that different, but they are different. For this reason, is very important for U.S. firms to connect with local advisers such as lawyers, accountants, bankers, customs/shipping specialists and insurance professionals, or hiring a Shelter Services provider that could save you some natural setbacks.

At ONILOG, you can count on a team of professionals with years of experience in soft-landing US companies in Mexico that will help you avoid the hassles of offshore operations and to start-up quickly and at the lowest costs possible.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the options for starting operations in Mexico?

Which one is the fastest alternative fulfilling all Mexican laws?

There are three main ways for a company to operate in a manufacturing location in Mexico:

    1. Contract manufacturing is preferable for operations that require limited man hours, experience cycle demand, and do not require direct control over production quality.
    2. Stand Alone subsidiaries may be the best alternative for organizations with high control requirements.
    3. The Shelter or Outsourcing Management is the option of choice for companies that are seeking to start operations rapidly in order to best leverage their own competencies by outsourcing non-core management functions to a trusted partner.


Cost Savings
Locating and operating your company outside the US can significantly reduce management time and resources, and if you add to the formula the valuable insights and experience about offshore operations in Mexico of the ONILOG team; it produces dramatic manufacturing costs savings while keeping you free to focus on your company’s growth.

  • Competitive Labor Costs (50 to 80% less than the US.)
  • Competitive Manufacturing Costs
  • Competitive operations costs
  • Accessibility to large markets
    • Free Trade Agreements
    • Tariff Benefits
    • Simpler procedures for foreign trade operations
    • Legal certainty for foreign investment
  • Lower Transportation Costs
  • Infrastructure
  • Macroeconomic Stability
  • Increase Production Output by 20% with 48 hrs work Week.
  • Maintain “JIT” delivery Schedules within hours of the U.S. and global Markets.

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