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International Trade

International Trade


Definition: Counseling and customs brokerage services

  • Immediate start-up
  • Experience and knowledge on Mexican Laws and markets to aid in your product success.
  • Single contact while using all our logistics infrastructure and services.
  • Reliable importation or exportation processes that comply with all the authority requirements on both sides of the border.
  • Immediate solutions to common situations in international trade activities.
  • Access to the Mexican market without having to be established in the Country.
  • Reduced risks since you have expert’s support.
  • Avoid creation of an internal customs department.
  • Expert counseling to comply with all the requirements of international trade laws.
  • Cost time and optimization within customs processes.

Onilog’s Solution: Our expertise available for you.

Onilog’s Trading Services also provides your company:

  • Import /Export, storage, distribution, and representation of your products on both sides of the border (US-MEXICO)
  • Manage your project in México
  • Legal and governmental support
  • Invoicing and collection processes
  • Permit process and fulfillment of essential requirements.
  • Classification of your materials according to the international trade laws
  • Material Consolidation
  • Labeling according to duty norms
  • Adequate material handling

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