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Mexico City

Mexico City


Mexico City

Why Mexico City?

Mexico City is one of the most dynamic cities in the global economy. It is the financial center of Latin America and the political capital, economic and cultural development of Mexico. It has enormous potential to be an active and leading player in the new global dynamics, so it is an ideal city for investment.


8,865,660 inhabitants, representing 27.7% of the total population in Mexico.

Population working age: 7,056,144

Economically Active Population Occupied:      4,181,526

Extraction and Electrical Industry9,351
Other Services2,531,680
Not Specified8,587

The foreign direct investment on 2012 destinated to Mexico City was 3,480 million, which represents 27.2% of the total amount received in Mexico.

Primary Activities
Agriculture, forestry , fishing and hunting1,149
Secondary Activities
Electricity, water and gas supply pipeline11,762
Tertiary activities
Transport, postal services , storage213,860
Real estate and rental property .196,381
Average salary contribution to Social Security in Coahuila$ 350
Salary by Industry National Activity
Agriculture, fisheries and$150.1
Mining and quarrying$419
Processing industries$272.4
Electricity and water industry$636.3
Transport and communications$326.4
Services for businesses and individuals$264.2
Social Services$286.7

* Price per day, Annual Average in Mexican Pesos.

Railways282 km
Educational Infrastructure ( Media Superior and Superior)
Population Technical Higher LevelEnrolledGraduatesCertificated
Agricultural Sciences000
Health Sciences1728472
Social and Administrative Sciences690311151
Education and Humanities7540

Engineering and Technology

Population Level DegreeEnrolledGraduatesCertificated
Agricultural Sciences5,296587494
Health Sciences45,5676,5305,355
Natural Sciences14,9892,2411,179
Social and Administrative Sciences17854128,11423,193
Education and Humanities22,6293,1211,982
Engineering and Technology129,07514,74712,378
Number of researchers by area
C. Physical – Mathematics1,196
Social Sciences1,218
Biology and Chemistry1,259
Biotechnology and Agro260
Humanities and Behavioral Sciences1,324
Medicine and Health Sciences1,108

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