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OESOES provides refurbish services of electronic products to customers in the US and since 2008 ONILOG has provided Shelter Services to them.

This project started in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas and was expanded to San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora in 2009. This operation reached its operational peak in 2010 when we administered a payroll consisting of over 1,800 employees and coordinated 270 import and export shipments.

These operations are still in place on both locations with a payroll of 800 employees and 140 import and export shipments.

At ONILOG we perform for OES most tasks associated with establishing and operating a manufacturing facility in Mexico allowing our client to focus on the production while we take care of everything else. We provide the industrial space, workers hiring, administer payroll and other services, coordinate labor relations, pay utilities, obtain permits and licenses, import their foreign manufacturing equipment, machinery and raw materials and export all finished products, among other services.

ONILOG’s Shelter Program has allowed OES to establish operations in Mexico quickly at the lowest cost possible.

ONILOG also provides the following Shelter services to OES:

  • Accounting (meeting all Mexican laws requirements).
  • Management (administrative staff and plant offices)
  • Environmental permits and licenses.
  • Payroll management and disbursement.
  • Human Resources.
  • Facilities and utilities.
  • Maintenance.
  • Offices and meeting/training rooms.
  • Cafeteria and meal services for personnel.
  • Payment of required taxes (housing tax, social security).
  • Customs and Import/Export permits and documentation.
  • Medical facilities and medical personnel.
  • Maquila and manufacturing permits and licenses.
  • Personnel transportation to and from facility.



ONILOG has provided import and export services to OES starting in 2008 on the East and West (2009) coast operations, achieving a 99.99% effectiveness level in the logistic operations. With an average of 187 monthly shipments on the east coast and 105 on the west coast. The services include:

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  • Invoicing for customs purpose.
  • Preparing pediments and legal documents.
  • Transportation coordination.
  • Time log metrics.
  • International transfer following clients schedule program.
  • Fulfill customs requirements.
  • Inspection and auditing shipments before dispatch.
  • Classification for new import products (tariff number).

From 2008 to date, ONILOG has managed the administrative and plant offices for OES, as well as providing human resources services.

  • Payroll.
  • Labor security and environmental program.
  • Recruiting.
  • Training programs for operators.
  • Verifying the accomplishment of the labor law.

Having a 100% accomplish on hiring process.



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