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Teamwork (TAA)

Teamwork (TAA)

TeamworkLogoTeamwork Athletic (TAA) is a leading manufacturer of in-stock and custom athletic uniforms with over 30,000 SKUs and 700 different styles in inventory.

They were looking for a place to establish part of their operation in Mexico and ONILOG was selected as their service provider and started operations under the Shelter structure on June, 2011.

This operation has grown it’s payroll by 35% over the last year and is in the process of moving more lines to the Shelter.

We initiated operation in the West coast in a 45,000 sqf facility and are in the process of expanding this footprint.

We provide the industrial space, hire all workers, administer payroll, coordinate labor relations, pay utilities, obtain permits and licenses, import their foreign manufacturing equipment, machinery and raw materials and export all finished products, among other services.
ONILOG administers a payroll consisting of 130 employees, manufacturing more than 80,000 pieces per month.
ONILOG also provides the following Shelter services to TAA:

  • Accounting (meeting all Mexican laws requirements).
  • Management (administrative staff and plant offices)
  • Environmental permits and licenses.
  • Payroll management and disbursement.
  • Human Resources.
  • Facilities and utilities.
  • Maintenance.
  • Offices and meeting/training rooms.
  • Cafeteria and meal services for personnel.
  • Payment of required taxes (housing tax, social security).
  • Customs and Import/Export permits and documentation.
  • Medical facilities and medical personnel.
  • Maquila and manufacturing permits and licenses.
  • Personnel transportation to and from facility.

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