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Definition: Transfer of goods and products where required by the client with the necessary equipment and resources.

Increasing efficiency on this operation is our job.

At ONILOG we understand that your time is important therefore we offer you qualified staff to be in charge of this important process so that you can stop worrying and by making one simple call you will find all process information.

We know the importance of this process for your business development. For that reason we offer the best local, domestic and international coverage for transporting your goods through ground, marine, railway and air transport, also, we have switchyards in both sides of the Nuevo Laredo / Laredo border.

  • Available information at any time you may require.
  • Reduces planning time.
  • Effective communication.
  • Qualified Staff to assist you.
  • Reliability.
  • Equipment available for any project, regardless of size.
  • Onilog’s team will always look out for your company’s best options to increase your efficiency. Multiple options to meet your requirements.
  • Avoid the creation of an internal transportation department
  • Single Contact for all your transportation requirements
  • Cash flow optimization

Onilog’s Solution: The capacity to adapt to your special needs.

Onilog’s Transportation also provides your company:

  • All types of transportation units
  • Local, domestic and international coverage
  • Ground, marine, railway and air transport
  • Detailed information about the location of your materials.

Contact us and discover the benefits of having us as your ally!

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Contact us and discover the benefits of having us as your ally!